Cyber Security Services

Cyber Threat Landscape is Real. 

-Monitor Cyber Threats

-Investigate Attacks

-Protect Your Brand

Big Data Analysis

CobraSoft automates the process of converting large amount of disparate and complex data into a user-ready business model and data store.

Network Solutions

We managed security services including NETSCAN Vulnerability Scan Alert Logic Network Scanning and Monitoring Secure Email fro HIPAA, GLBAm and other regulation compliance.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Disasters don't happen every day, so why pay for a disaster recovery solution that charges as if you are constantly recovering?

Website Design & SEO

Responsive Web Design Mobile friendly creative Web Design which is fully functional on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Social Media Marketing

Content Creation & marketing, Brand & Engagement  Campaigns, Analytics  &, InsightsOnline Reputation Management.

Software Development

We employ industry best practices to deliver robust & scalable software for the Mobile-First world. 

Security Training & Conference 

Technology evolves at a rapid pace, and we'd argue that Cybersecurity evolves the fastest, and that's why it's vital that you attend our global training and conferences

Security Risks Analysis & Mitigation

A logical mitigation strategy ties assets to threats to vulnerabilities to identify risks. Solutions for the identified risks typically enhance three facets of security: Policies, Procedures and Training; Physical/ElectronicSecurity Systems; and Security Personnel.

PC and MAC Repairs

Here at CobraSoft PC Repair , we specialise in laptop, servers, router, switches, computer repairs and maintenance. We have over 20 years of experience in this field. Our Services is World Wide.

Cloud Services

CobraSoft supports businesses in transitioning to the cloud, working with you at every stage of your cloud journey – from discovery to delivery. Our cloud transition consultants take a totally vendor, platform and technology agnostic approach and work alongside your team to design a solution tailored to your exact business requirements.

System Health Checks

We audit your systems including all hardware and software, so you can see at a glance exactly what you have. We then check the systems for errors and problems.

IT Project Management

IT project management is complex and demanding. We can help you organisation manage your IT project. All our staff are Prince2 qualified with over 20 years experience in IT project management.

Cyber Crime Investigation & Surveillance

Identifying Cyber threats quickly, and responding to them before serious damage is caused, is at the heart of an effective anti-Cyber Crime and Digital Forensics process. We have access to the experts and tools to help world wide.

Data Protection Law - GDPR

All organisations, including small to medium-sized companies and large enterprises, must be aware of all Data Protection requirements and comply. For many of these companies, the first step in complying with GDPR is to designate a data protection officer to build a data protection program that meets the GDPR requirements.

Cobrasoft Computer Services is an award winning provider of business IT & software solutions, offering a range of systems & products which help organisations reach their potential. 

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