Empower Decision Making With Big Data Analytics

CobraSoft automates the process of converting large amount of disparate and complex data into a user-ready business model and data store. This empowers analysts and business owners to easily analyze, visualize and report data across various sources without relying on IT. We gather data from multiple sources like large data warehouses, web clickstreams and social media to build a 360 degree view of a business.

CobraSoft supports many leading Big Data sources such as Hadoop, Spark, Hbase, Flumes, Map Reduce, Cassandra and more. Our sole aim is to transform your complex data sets into intuitive & effective reports, dashboards and visualizations with the help of big data analytic services so that business owners can have insights into their businesses. This will help them quickly identify the areas that require improvement and where they are progressing.

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As a reliable big data analytics company, We offer top-notch services to help businesses boost their big data projets. We own a team of skilled architects, engineers and data scientists, who have delivered creative solutions to the clients of distinct industry verticals.

Comprehensive Process To Tackle Big Data Analytics Projects


Every new technology requires a powerful strategy and Big Data is not an exception. As Big Data services are in trend, its adoption is also rapid. Though there are endless success stories, it is still essential to have an effective adoption strategy for your business. We help determine the use cases for Big Data services & further craft a good strategy for your organization. The entire strategy is built in close collaboration with the key stakeholders of your company. This ensures that their requirements are fulfilled & are aligned with big data and analytic solutions.


Once a clear strategy & use of big data services are defined, this is the time to develop a comprehensive architecture that works well for the primary set of applications. Big data analytic services can also be expanded easily for the future applications. Our consultants possess immense experience as big data service provider. They work closely with customers and provide them integrated big data solutions, which encompasses unstructured & structured data and various other transactional data sources. We also suggest big data and analytic solutions that will work the best as per your needs.


CobraSoft offers you an easy opportunity to analyze your huge business data with its big data solutions. Our data analyst takes a smart approach to harvest, analyze and activate the data for providing unique business solutions. For our consultants, big data is an opportunity to jump-start the digital marketing program in the favor and the growth of the business. By analyzing data volume, velocity and variety, a business can have the required solution.


Since licenses for proprietary data warehouse are often priced based upon the appliances deployed on and/or amount of big data solutions being processed. Enterprises spend enough money to maintain their data warehouses. We help our customers enhance their warehouses with open source platforms of big data solutions like Apache Hadoop. By aptly designing big data and analytics solution, which meets SLAs, our data architecture experts promise improved performance and reduced cost while augmenting analytical capabilities.

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