IT System Health Checks


* Are you comfortable that your IT systems are performing to the best of their ability?

* Are you confident that your IT systems are not causing downtime to your business?

* Do you have the right levels of warranty and service cover in place if there is a fault?

* Can you recover your valuable data if you have a problem?

* Is your software licensing legally compliant?

if you cannot answer ‘Yes’ to all of the above then your IT investment may not be delivering to your business, putting you at a disadvantage compared to your competition, or worse could be putting your business at serious risk.

If you have not recently had a full evaluation of your IT systems, whether you manage them in house or work with a preferred partner, it makes good business sense to check they are working as they should be – to support and grow your business.

CobraSoft have years of experience auditing IT systems. In fact we only provide our services to businesses with healthy networks so we are experts in identifying and correcting issues.

Should you choose CobraSoft to audit your systems we provide a comprehensive ‘traffic light’ report reflecting your current position, whether it is suitable for your business and where there are any gaps, recommendations as to how you may wish to address them.

We audit your systems including all hardware and software, so you can see at a glance exactly what you have. We then check the systems for errors and problems. We produce a comprehensive plan of action to get your systems up to scratch and improve reliability and performance.

Many companies assume that because everything appears to be running smoothly there are no problems. We can undertake a health check where we check the server and PC log files and settings to ensure that everything is configured and working correctly and that there are no problems lurking around the corner to catch you out. We also check security settings - including internet security. We then provide a clear detailed report and list our recommendations to make your systems secure and reliable.

If you are planning any projects - new systems, system upgrades, office moves etc. and need IT expertise we are happy to help. We will act as your own IT department in any meetings or we can work as project managers on your behalf to ensure the project delivers the results that you expect. 


Our main priority is ensuring your business is performing at its best, with the back-up and support of efficient IT systems.

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