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Our Cyber Security Services

World-class Security Consultancy, protecting organisation’s technology, people and processes by mitigating cyber risk and helping you sleep at night.

The New Threat Landscape Portal for CobraSoft® – Insight, Prediction, Proactivity

Monitor Cyber Threats

With a rise in targeted cyber attacks with many new threats, groups and operations emerging on a daily basis, real-time actionable attack intelligence is vital for counter-measures and proactive action to protect the security and digital infrastructure.

Investigate Attacks

The rise of social media, cloud computing and mobile device adoption in the corporate environment has helped to erase the boundaries around companies. Organisations must now secure information outside the ‘castle walls’ in addition to protecting the perimeter.

Protect Your Brand

Online criminals and adversaries may spread misinformation, dissent or defamation about an organisation, badly compromising its brand and reputation. The ever-changing, global, multi-lingual nature of the threat has made it difficult to track — until now.

Is your organisation at risk? 

CobraSoft is an award-winning, global leader of cyber security services. Helping organisations realise their threats and secure their technology, people & processes.

Monitor, Detect, Qualify, Notify

Output for incidents are provided in close to real-time and are quality checked and exportable by email, through the portal and API.

It has been reported that over 70% of small businesses have been affected by cyber-attacks in the past year including some well-known and high profile companies that we hear about in the news. 

We can ensure that your systems are properly configured and secured. Our experts can advise on the set-up of your data to ensure that users only access the data they need to do their job.

Friendly advice is always available to your staff to ensure that they are aware of any dangers when it comes to opening email attachments or opening web sites. We can supply systems to protect your data from attack by or malicious emails or web sites.

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