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For farmers and growers, the Internet of Things has opened up extremely productive ways to cultivate soil and raise livestock with the use of cheap, easy-to-install sensors and an abundance of insightful data that they offer. Prospering on this prolific build-up of the Internet of Things in agriculture, smart farming applications are gaining ground with the promise to deliver 24/7 visibility into soil and crop health, machinery performance, storage conditions, animal behavior, and energy consumption levels.

Our Platform is an enterprise-grade IoT enablement technology that allows walking safely into the agriculture IoT field. By tying together different sensors, connected devices, and farming facilities, 

Banking & Financial Services

The banking and financial service industries are witnessing unprecedented forces of change – be it stringent regulations or fierce competition or fast changing customer needs. Consequently, the financial institutions are looking to implement the best Banking IT services to gain customer loyalty, improve functional efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.

We has been a trusted technology partner for many of the major Fortune 500 and mid-sized banking and financial service organizations – all of whom have leveraged our technical and domain expertise for their specific outsourcing needs at various stages of the project lifecycle. Our services cover a wide range of business areas such as Multi-channel Banking, Core banking, Loans and Financing, Payments, Cash/investment Management, Trade Finance, Tax, Risk and Governance. We partner with best-in-class technology vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, Kony, Pegasystems, Threatmetrix and Nintex which enables us to provide rich end-user solutions. Furthermore, our proprietary frameworks, tools and platforms developed with rich project experience helps us deliver quality banking IT solutions to the customers.


CobraSoft supplies complete education IT solutions to schools, colleges and universities across the UK.

Technology is playing a prominent role in the transformation of education, and is helping to meet the evolving demands of students, parents and teachers.

We understands the challenges education IT managers face on a day to day basis. Ensuring the proper delivery of the level of services demanded is often juggled with additional responsibilities often unrelated to IT. In order to keep up with ever-evolving service demands, education establishments must maintain and upgrade their IT infrastructure. However, with limited budgets and other priorities taking hold, this can become a huge challenge for IT managers.

CobraSoft can help ease this challenge by offering complete solutions that provide schools, colleges and universities with a high performance IT infrastructure, behind the scenes of a classroom.

Energy & Utilities

For energy and utilities providers, digital transformation offers new ways to connect customers, assets, employees and derive actionable intelligence from IT. It provides a means to keep pace with the commercial, regulatory and technology changes affecting the industry, and enables better interaction with customers living in a connected world.

We develop and deliver innovative energy and utilities solutions that create new opportunities for our customers. We work with energy and utilities providers from around the globe. We invest our effort in research and development each year to create innovative world-leading digital technology, services and end-to-end solutions that can enable you to digitalise with confidence. Through our connected infrastructure, workforce and supply chain management offerings we can help you to; drive operational excellence, leverage assets, unlock complexity, and create new business opportunities.


A successful citizen experience hinges on rapid access to the tools and data needed to quickly make—and enact—informed decisions across multiple touchpoints, processes, channels, and systems.

But as government becomes increasingly digitized, these efforts must be enabled and supported by a strong technology foundation. Working with us, governments have access to the resources they need to enable—and embrace—the shift towards digital citizen services.

With us, agencies can transition and transform their underlying processes, capabilities, and technologies to accelerate innovation and transcend the barriers—like security, technology adoption, and policy and change management—that so often stall digital government transformations.  

They'll be able to leverage emerging trends in criminal justice, law enforcement, and border security to better protect their citizens, combat terrorism, and address new forms of crime. Plus, with the help of innovative child welfare and benefit eligibility solutions, governments will find themselves well equipped to accommodate growing expectations for social programs, address the impact of an aging population, and build programs that strengthen families and the communities they call home.

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