Quick response IT support for small and medium-sized businesses, in any industry.

Our support ensures your company can be as efficient as possible. We guarantee a 1-hour response time to all support enquiries. Aim to fix all issues within 8-hours. Immediately deal with system critical problems.


Our IT Support Services

Help Desk Support

Our service desk of support engineers follow ITIL standards. This provides you with rapid and effective support, with outstanding customer service. They are a quick call or email away. You can also beat the queue and open a support ticket online via our dedicated Customer Portal.

Microsoft Gold Partner

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for over 10-years, you can be assured that your IT needs are in excellent hands. To earn the Gold Partner status, we must prove to Microsoft, through rigorous exams and customer references, that we can successfully demonstrate our expertise and implementation, culminating in outstanding customer satisfaction.

Remote Support

As IT is essential in any business, it is paramount that any problems are fixed quickly and efficiently. Our remote support service allows our award-winning technical support team to instantly access your computers, allowing them to see what you see, locate the problem and find a swift solution.

Service Level Agreement

We provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to all of our customers which guarantees that we will respond to all support enquiries within 1-hour, will aim to find a solution within 8-hours and that all system critical issues will be prioritised and escalated, with our management informed immediately.

On-Site Support

If a problem arises that can’t be solved remotely, our highly accredited, technical IT engineers will swiftly travel to your place of work to implement the solution with minimal disturbance. All labour, parts and loan equipment are covered by the support contract. Our full support team is accredited to the standards set by our partners, including Microsoft.

Hardware & Infrastructure Support

An IT network relies on the IT hardware on which it is built. As an HP Preferred Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner, we have the knowledge and expertise to choose hardware that has already proven to be reliable for business use. Our service desk team also have a comprehensive knowledge of these products to provide instant support.

Our Managed IT Support Services

Proactive Support

Our Proactive Support contract gives you peace of mind, allowing us to plan structured maintenance, regular updates and IT projects to give you the best return on your IT investment and make sure you’re getting the most from your network. From Windows Updates to multi-phase deployment project, our Proactive Support services let us manage your network for you to save you money and make your business more efficient.

IT Facilities Management

With our IT Facilities Management service, you benefit from having a dedicated and knowledgeable IT Manager and pool of resources to achieve your businesses IT requirements. We will act on your behalf in the best interest of your business to scope, implement, train and support on whatever IT projects or resources you need to meet your business IT requirements.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

With our 24/7 Remote Monitoring Service, all your servers and workstations can be covered to give a pro-active check on any issues occurring as early as possible. By remotely monitoring your servers we can be alerted to issues related to disk space, security and applications before you know about it, allowing us to fix issues before they arise.

Why Choose Us?

We have now been a Microsoft Gold Partner for many years and we pride ourselves on our exceptionally high levels of customer service, so it is important for us to be recognised by an industry leader such as Microsoft. 

Our founding vision was to make enterprise technology accessible to smaller businesses and deliver a great customer experience. Roll the clock forward and this goal is still as important today as it was years ago. 

With the ever increasing threat of cyber-attack, budgetary constraints, user expectations and regulatory pressures, the need to closely align IT and the business to deliver maximum results has never been more important.



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